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What is High Risk Insurance?



There are quite a few different reasons why a person might fall under the category of high risk. If this is the case, it’s best to contact high-risk insurance companies in order to receive high-risk insurance quotes. We will help you find the best quotes suitable to meet your needs, and share the smart way to do so later on this article.


For now, let’s take a closer look at each one of the individual topics mentioned above in a more general sense.


High Risk Auto Insurance
There are a number of reasons why an insurance company might consider a person or business high risk. It’s quite possible that the insurance provider will look at this individual’s history and see that they have a serious disadvantage because of receiving multiple tickets over the years, moving violations, having no prior insurance and other major risk factors.


Remember, insurance companies are in the business of making money. They will do everything in their power to minimize their risk in order to turn a profit. So if you appear to be a major risk, they will charge you more for the privilege of doing business with them.


In some instances you might have a difficult time getting insurance altogether. So that’s another reason why it’s often tough for people to get quality high-risk quotes at an affordable price. Nonetheless, this is what you are up against so it is wise to be prepared.


High Risk Life Insurance


This may or may not be self-explanatory to you, so we would like to go into further detail.


If someone is very sick and on the verge of dying, or they have a serious disease and it looks like they will not recover, insurance companies will typically consider this individual high-risk. The provider might not want to grant a policy to somebody that they feel has a limited time left on this earth.


Think about it…


Would you want to insure someone for $10,000 if they only have six months to live? At best, the insurance provider may only receive six $200 payments. They will only take in $1200 to pay out $10,000. That’s a losing proposition and it’s not ideal from the insurer’s perspective.


But there are ways to get this type of coverage when you are at risk. The best way would be to get high risk insurance quotes. Fill out the contact form on the site and our partners will get back to you with relevant information.


High-Risk Home Insurance


There are a few reasons why insuring a home may fall under the label of high risk. The location itself might be undergoing construction, or personal circumstances could be the reason why an insurance provider looks at you as a high-risk.



As an example, your home or the property being insured could very well be in a bad neighborhood. If there is a high crime rate in the area, insurance providers will look at this as a major negative. They might not want to insure the home, and if they do they will charge extra because it’s a high risk proposition.


High-Risk Business Insurance


The last thing we’d like to mention is high-risk business insurance. There are certain types of work that fall under the label of high-risk, and insurance providers will typically charge these companies more for their business insurance plans.


We will go into greater detail about the different types of businesses that fall under this label on other pages of this site. So look around and read up more thoroughly on this topic.


Ultimately, it is an impossible to get insurance when you are considered a major risk. We can help, so if you’d like high-risk insurance quotes please fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you shortly.


A.M. Best Keeps Ratings Unchanged at Berkshire Unit – Analyst Blog (Zacks)
A.M. Best Co. Keeps intact the investment grade ratings of units of Berkshire’s (BRK.B) North American Casualty Group (“NAC”)


Bid To Raise High-Risk Insurance Rates Rejected In Mass. – Insurance News Net
Bid To Raise High-Risk Insurance Rates Rejected In Mass.Insurance News NetThe Massachusetts insurance commissioner rejected plans by a consortium of high-risk insurers to raise rates by almost 7 percent, a move that state officials estimate could save consumers at least $16 million in premiums… This Article is Available …


General Insurance: Bhargav Dasgupta
I am 25 and diabetic for 10 years. Both sides of my parents’ families are diabetic. Will I never get covered for diabetes under a health insurance plan? A friend says I should not waste money on health insurance as it won’t help in my case. Do you agree?


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Questions and Answers
High risk car insurance?I have a dilemma my current insurance company dropped me and I have a limited time to recover. I’ve tried Statefarm, Geico and they all told me I was too high risk. Had three accidents in a span of 6 years so thats much. Are there any insurance companies out there that accept high risk drivers? Please and Thank you.
Posted by Cookie


[display_name id=”1″]Sure there are, but Progressive is the only one I know of, that you can get to without an agent.
Otherwise, you’ll need to contact a local INDEPENDENT agent, and ask them to help place you. Worst case, you’ll be at your state’s assigned risk fund.


It’s going to cost a way, way WAY lot more than you’ve been paying, also.


Why I am rated high-risk for insurance?I’m a 29 year-old non-smoker w/a spotless family medical history – not even high bp for my 65 year-old-dad. I recently applied for life insurance and was surprised when I was rated in two risk categories higher than normal. The results from my lab work were normal. I am pregnant but was told by my agent that this is not affecting my rating. We plan to review the policy/shop around a few months after the baby is born and my body is back to normal just to be sure. But I am concerned: will this higher rating now permanently affect my ability to get competitively-priced insurance later? Anything I can do about it? What else in my medical history/charts might be contributing to the higher morbidity rating (besides pregnancy)? Anything I can do about that? My agent, who’s known me and my family for years, is also surprised but isn’t sympathetic. I did a little research and found that I do have the right to an explanation in writing. Will requesting it send up more red flags?
I am in the United States. As for the lipids? My triglycerides are a little higher than I’d like but still in the normal range for an adult. The rest are also normal.
Thanks for this helpful information. Yes, I am married. Also a homeowner. Also well educated – earned my M.A. And in the process of getting a Ph.D.
Posted by Midwest Mom


[display_name id=”1″]First of all, it’s absolutely NORMAL for a pregnant woman’s lipids to be high; lipids form the base for all hormones and pregnancy is regulated almost entirely by hormones.
It’s impossible to tell why you were given such a high rating based on the information you have. I suggest you mail a letter to the insurer and ask that it give you a detailed answer. Since many life insurers won’t give this information directly to applicants, list the name and address of your personal physician. Send the letter “return receipt requested.” If you don’t receive a response within 45 days or so, send a written complaint to your state’s insurance commissioner’s office.


As for your future insurability, while this insurer may have reported the risk factor(s) to the Medical Information Bureau, another insurer cannot base its decision solely from this. It MUST independently investigate any “hits” (suspected matches showing reported risk factors) it receives from the MIB concerning you. At the conclusion of its investigation, it must make its own decision based on the underwriting guidelines.


One final word: long ago, most life insurers would assess a rating if a woman was pregnant. This was due to higher mortality rates following childbirth. However, most insurers have ceased this practice, since childbirth today is generally safe, with few deaths. It could be that this insurer is using very old guidelines.


I’d suggest you complete an application with another insurer. You will be asked whether you’ve ever been rated or declined by another insurer — tell the truth on the application so the insurer can investigate up-front. Withholding this information will only make you appear dishonest.


Cheapest High-risk insurance in Ontario?My 16 year old recently got into one at-fault accident and now my insurance company refuses to insure him because he’s considered high risk. I already know it’s going to be expensive, but what are the cheapest insurance companies for a high risk driver? Thanks in advance.
Posted by John


[display_name id=”1″]There are a few high-risk insurers in Ontario, but (just like regular-risk companies) that’s not how it works. Because Ontario insurers use over a hundred factors in their premium calculations, no one company has the lowest price for every driver in every town every time.
Look for a broker who works with some or all of these companies: Jevco, Pafco, Echelon, Perth / Economical, and maybe Intact. One of them will probably be cheaper than the Facility Association, which is the true high-risk last resort market.





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