AAA: Nearly 1 In 5 Floridians Would Not Evacuate For A Hurricane (CBS 4 Florida)


Hurricane season begins on Sunday, but three in ten Florida residents do not make advanced preparations, according to a recent AAA Consumer Pulse™ survey.


Catastrophe In Property And Financial Markets – ValueWalk


Catastrophe In Property And Financial MarketsValueWalkDriving the exchange of paper, analysts say, is an unwillingness, or inability, by banks to meet demand for cash loans, especially from smaller companies. ‘The credit transmission mechanism is … Two days later, in New York, Andy Warhol” set a new all …Financial Immolation – May 2014 – CrematoriumThe Market Oracleall 2 news articles »


Dangerous driver John Iddenden led police on terrifying chase in wrong direction round Cambridge's one-way system …


A dangerous driver led police on a frightening chase through Cambridge’s streets – driving the wrong way down two of the city’s one-way systems and narrowly missing late night revellers.




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Question about new car purchase?I’m going to a buy a new car within the next month or by the end of this one, but I don’t want to be taken advantage by those clever car salesmen. The car I want to purchase is the Lancer Evo MR, which retails at around 39,000, but I don’t know, is it possible to throw a lowball bid, say, 36,000, and just say, you will take it there and then if they throw it down to 36,000. Plus I asked how much I would end up paying out the door, but he didnt give me a direct answer. Plus he asked for a 1,000-2,000 down payment, but is that something that is supposed to cover there transactions, but in reality its money that they pocket, experience car salesmen answers, very very much welcomed! Thank you!
Posted by MXG


adminLet’s put this into its proper perspective. You want a car that is a very hot commodity. And is in limited production compared to the other Lancer models. Dealers can sell these cars all day long at sticker. And they will. So they won’t even consider a discount.
However, with car sales being way off from last year, the price of gas causing more buyers to shy away from 92 octane cars, along with winter coming on which, depending on where you live, means snow or rain and even slower sales, you may be able to get something off in a few months. But it won’t be much. Dealers would rather sit on these cars then give them away.


Now about the salesperson. He wouldn’t give you a direct answer, yet he wanted a $1000-$2000 deposit on the car? Forget him! Find another dealer and a salesman who will listen to you and with work with you. Don’t let any shyster salesman pressure you into a deal you’ll regret.


Next is financing. Have you thought about that? Is your credit hisotry strong enough for a loan that size? Have you ever financed a car before? If not, getting approved for a $40,000 car (with tax and license) will be very difficult. Lenders want to see a previous auto loan so they can gauge how responsible you are when it comes to making your monthly payments before they lend you the kind of money you want.


If you have financed before, what was the total of the loan? Did you finance a $10,000 or $15,000 car? Going from that to a $40,000 car is too high a jump. You may find problems with getting approved. And what about your entire history? How long have you been reported on the three credit bureaus? Length of history makes a difference. As does any derogatory marks, such as late pays, repos or charge offs. Those will kill your chances.


And finally, insurance! Insurance companies charge quite a premium to cover the Evo MR. They know the car will be raced. And that many owners are under 25. How’s your driving record? How old are you? That will affect the cost too.


Oh yeah, then there’s the car warranty. If you bring it in for warranty repairs, the first thing the mechanic will do is get a reading from the black box. If it shows you’ve been racing, your warranty is void and you’ll be charged for the cost of repairs.


Car insurance question?If you let someone else drive your car , and they get in an accident , what happens?
Does their insurance still cover them? Are you covered to fix your car?
I have my friend (who has had his license way longer than i have , and who i feel is a better driver than me anyways) drive my car sometimes when we go out together
is this a bad idea, and why?
Posted by bumblebeeetuna.


adminYour car your insurance covers, not theirs. If they have an accident it goes on your insurance record and you pay the increased premium. Is it a good idea? If they’re a better driver than you, probably. They’re less likely to have an accident.
When society needs money to pay for some program, who does congress love to have pay for it nowadays?As opposed to the way it was 40 or 50 years ago.
Lets take for example this so called health care reform…clearly its designed to have more destitute people get coverage, and to have people who have health problems to be able to get insured…not necessarily evil ideas. But how does congresss actually pay for these well meaning giveaways? On the backs of who do they place the burden full and square???? And on the backs of who is nothing at all is additionally added? What does this tell you who our government serves and protects???
Posted by ez f


adminAs usual its paid for by the average American, every time minimum wage is raised, the price of goods and services rises to meet it, company’s are in business to make money not pay for more gov programs. Every time they raise taxes on evil company’s, that employ us they either fire workers, or pass the added cost to us the end user, like if you buy a car. If companies dont make profit, they cant expand, hiring more people. And if your mad at insurance companies making record profits, why don’t you ask your congressmen and senators to take a pay cut, and see if they can keep from laughing in your face as they give themselves another raise.
The welfare system is ruining peoples lives, the people on welfare, at least 90% have no drive to make any thing of them self, and constantly blame others fore there lack of success. The bill pasted is nothing more than retardation, if you cant afford insurance as it is, you will be fined for not buying it, employers must supply it or face fines, adding more to there cost as said before. This is in no way a federal matter, nor should it have ever been. My state has state funded healthcare for those who need it, my brother has it, he is a cancer survivor and cant have any other insurance, the state looses money on it all the time, there is no way for it to make money except more in taxes.


The only way this will make money in the feds version is we will be taxed for it for the next 4 years before they allow it to start, if something doesn’t happen and it gets pushed back for what ever BS reason were fed. This crisis was manufactured just like so many are to incite fear, so they can gain more control.


One more thing , the #1 cause of bankruptcy in America isint medical bills, its people trying to live out of there means, Not taking responsibility for there actions and not saving for emergences, like medical problems, massive car repairs, broken furnace, ect ect. I install furnaces, and Ive seen Many people go with other companys, that will charge them 1000 to 2000 more on the bid because they can use a credit card to pay.


If every one wasn’t preoccupied with reality tv and out doing the Joneses next door we wouldn’t have given the Gov a chance to become a nanny state it is today, but 40 or 50 years ago people lived with in there means, held themselves accountable for there actions, and saved for a rainy day instead of charging it, and blaming someone else for there misfortune.


Call me a greedy selfish heartless man if you like, but the “we have to do something” attitude is far from the answer, doing something that wont work is a failure. You may feel good now, but just wait, the bill is on the way.