Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Drivers

AAA: Nearly 1 In 5 Floridians Would Not Evacuate For A Hurricane (CBS 4 Florida)


Hurricane season begins on Sunday, but three in ten Florida residents do not make advanced preparations, according to a recent AAA Consumer Pulse™ survey.




24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY: DANIEL’S THOUGHTSTVGrapevine.comHave you ever meet an insurance agent that had to save a presidential nominee from an assassination attempt or one whose job responsibilities included preventing a nuclear bomb from detonating on U.S. Soil? No. How many car salesmen do you know …


GF7 car design could legally hit 550 mph – in the sky


Greg Brown and Dave Fawcett are working on an design that they hope will yield something we’ve spent decades waiting for – a flying jet-propelled car. A sleek cross between a business jet with a luxury automobile, the GF7 drives on electric motors while on the ground, then can extend wings and use a 3,500-lb thrust jet engine to fly to 38,000 ft (12,000 m) and speeds of 550 mph (885 km/h). The …




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Is Al-Quida a high risk group for auto insurance?
Posted by Rezxian


adminNo they are not and can never be. They are notorious for blowing up people – not automobiles.
Car insurance?I got my license 2 weeks ago and I am getting a car this week. What insurance company would you recommend that I go with? Progressive, Gieco or AIG. If you have any others, feel free to throw it out there.
Posted by Saint8188


adminI hear mercury’s insurance is really really cheap (like $80 a month which is not bad at all).
But it really depends on you. You would have to ask your self “am I a good driver? Do I pay attention? Do I think I will get into a car crash someday?” If you think your a very good driver, then go with mercury because its going to save you tons of money, and you need money for gas since the gas price is servilely rising.
BUT If you think your a terrible driver and think that you will get into a car crash one day, then you should go with insurance companies like State Farm. Sure, its expensive, but when you get into a car crash, your going to be very very happy that State Farm saved your ass.
Remember, Its all about you. And make sure you think about the future. Is the gas prices going to be more expensive? Are there many bad drivers around you? Is your town safe?
Cheap car insurance?Where can i get cheap car insurance 4 a young driver on a fiat punto?? Pleasssss(in the uk)
Posted by callmebob


adminCheck this out: Http://
There is a few links at car insurance sites. Some sites have a bid calculator. Just look at bids and choose cheaper.