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Auto Insurance?I am 18 years old and I am trying to buy insurance for my car. I noticed that the prices for insurance are really high for teen drivers. I was just wondering if my parents could buy the insurance under their name so the payments can be cheaper or does the policy have to be under my name.
My car is registered under both my father and my name.
Posted by chivista90


adminIf you still reside at home with your parents they should be able to add you to their policy. You may can be added to their policy even if you are not living at home. You parents should call their auto insurance company and find out. This should save you money on auto insurance. However, we have found that being added to a policy doesn’t always save money on insurance cost. You should have you parents call and see what it would cost you monthly to be added to their policy. You should also get quotes on your own as well. Young drivers are considered high risk to insurance companies and usually have to pay more for insurance rates than older more experienced drivers. However, if you do your homework and shop for multiple quotes, seek discounts and find the best coverages you can find some good deals out there. The key is shopping multiple companies. You may also consider taking a defensive driving class. You can now take these at home. First see how much the class would cost and how much it would save you before buying it. However, this class is designed to make you a safer driver and teaches you the importance of safety. Once you find a policy keep paying it on time, maintain coverage and avoid lapses in your coverage. Your rates will come down over time and you will be able to enjoy great rates.
Home & Auto Insurance Rip-Off?My home & Auto insurance has doubled thisyear. I called today to ask why as I had no claims or tickets. The reason I was told was the new way that rates are based. My agent said that your credit score is now used in the calculation of your rate. With one credit card that I pay off in full monthly and never a late payment nor any outstanding debt i would think I should have scored high on my credit report. I feel by being fiscally responsible I am being ripped off by the insurance companies by this foolish way of rating policies. Are their any other insuance companies that still rate you the old fashioned way by your record?
Posted by smartone


adminMany insurance companies use credit scores to change rates. Only about 3 states have made the correct move in making it illegal. Yes, people with lower scores are more likely to _use_ the insurance that they paid for.. But there is no correlation between a lower score and the person’s actual _risk_. This is why those 3 states have made it illegal. The problem with the others is that enough people don’t complain about this practice that should be illegal.
Again, the increase premiums for people with lower scores because those people file more claims. No doubt about that. But it does _not_ have anything to do with the person’s increased risk.


Whats the biggest reason that auto insurance is high?Driving in minnesota – i find auto insurance is high – why might that be?
Posted by Ruth


adminRisk, pure and simple. You start with one standard rate for everyone, which is the cost divided by the number of customers. Then they look at statistical information and assign risk and higher rates to those categories that have the most claims.
Under age 25 = risk
Male, under age 25 = risk
Male, under age 25 with a sports car = very high risk
Driving record showing accidents and/or tickets, regardless of age = risk
Living in a large city = risk
Drive to work = risk


And the list goes on and on and on…