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AAA: Nearly 1 In 5 Floridians Would Not Evacuate For A Hurricane (CBS 4 Florida)


Hurricane season begins on Sunday, but three in ten Florida residents do not make advanced preparations, according to a recent AAA Consumer Pulse™ survey.


Banks more cautious on high-risk home loans – Sydney Morning Herald


Banks more cautious on high-risk home loansSydney Morning HeraldBanks more cautious on high-risk home loans. Business Banking and Finance Property. Date: June 10, 2014 … Banks have been winding back the number of mortgages with deposits of less than 5 per cent, adding to signs lenders might have become more wary …and more »


Bull of the Day: Federated National (FNHC)


A very boring business with some very exciting growth.




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Does anyone works with Homeowner Insurance Company?
I received a letter from my Insurance Company asking me for a sale or isntallation documentation of my windows and or other opening protection shwoing the wind speeds that the protective device can withstand. I am the first owner of my house and there is no claim. Why they are asking for that?
Posted by eripapito


Well, I'm GUESSING you're in Florida. And I'm guessing that the insurance company is trying to cancel your policy. And your failure to provide that information will give them the grounds they need to cancel the policy.


What they're doing is "reunderwriting" their homeowners book of business. Likely they sent that letter out to every single homeowners policyholder they have. If half the people don't return the letter, well, they've just been able to cancel half the homeowners policies in a VERY high risk area.


You're going to have to dig that information up, even if it's from the builder. OR replace the windows with documented windows. Or prepare to be cancelled, and move to Citizens – the FL state fund.


YOUR agent can give you an answer, and they'll "pretty it up" a bit more. I know mine is a blunt answer, but I do think that's the bottom line.


Home insurance for high risk person?
A few months ago my dad had a fire at his house. In the middle of restorations, his insurance company dropped him. I'm not sure why they did, but I know my dad has really bad credit and was probably not very nice to whoever was handling his claim. He said that he is trying to get insurance, but can't find any. I'm wondering if it is because he is a high risk candidate and I am wondering where he can go to get insurance. I will probably be helping him with it from here on out, so I will need to know what kinds of things to say/look for. He is a reitred teacher and doesn't have a ton of money or assets, so I want to make sure he gets good coverage that he can afford. I'm not sure if this helps, but his dad was a veteran who died in a VA hospital when my dad was young. I keep seein things about insurance for family of veterans, but I know very little about it.
We live in Omaha, Nebraska. Also, is it legal for them to drop his insurance in the middle of a renovation?
Posted by M


What you say about insurance for families of veterans was probably about life insurance, not home insurance.


You should try the company "Foremost". They have a reputation for insuring homeowners who are too high-risk for other companies.


Mortgate insurance to cover 85 year old homeowner?
Posted by gillos


Mortgage insurance is life insurance, and at age 85 you are no longer insurable by any company because you are a high risk. So sorry…