High Risk Life Insurance

Some people will have no problem acquiring a life insurance policy. Others will fall under the category of high risk life insurance, impaired risk or ultimately have to pay a high price in order to get the insurance that they need.



Life insurance companies charge more if they feel that they are going to have to pay out a lot more than they might take in. If the odds are that you are going to pass away before the insurance company makes back their money, they might not want to ensure you at all.


But it is possible to obtain cheap life insurance. We can help you get high risk life insurance quotes immediately, and this should solve your problem right away.


If no exam life insurance, final expenses life insurance, mortgage life insurance and online life insurance are potential problems for you, please do not worry any longer.


In fact, please fill out the contact form that we have provided on this website. Enter your information, send it in and our partners will get back to you with detailed quotes as soon as humanly possible.


Do You Work in a High Risk Field of Employment?


Insurance providers consider certain jobs as high risk. If you work in a job that could literally have your life in danger, you may have a difficult time getting life insurance because of this. Or you may have to end up paying higher premiums because companies will feel that you are in danger of dying earlier than you might in other situations.


If you are a missionary, commercial fisherman, logger, offshore oil worker or you happen to work in a war zone, it’s quite possible that your premiums may be higher than the typical persons. Do you work as a pilot? Do you fly a helicopter? Are you a firefighter fighting forest fires? All of these professions fall under the label of high-risk, and they are certainly going to cause higher insurance premiums.


Do You Enjoy Taking Part in Dangerous Activities?


Again, it all comes down to whether or not you continuously put yourself at risk of death. If you like to partake in dangerous activities and your insurance provider finds out, they will potentially have a harder time insuring you. And if they do decide to insure you, it’s quite possible that your premiums will be a lot higher than other people of the same age.


Some of the activities considered high-risk are skydiving, white water rafting, bungee jumping, scuba diving, mountain climbing, drag racing, motorcycle driving at high speeds, performing stunts and more. This is just a handful of the activities that an insurance provider might consider high-risk.


Ultimately, if you’re worried about having to pay more for life insurance, think about the activities that you do. If it appears that your life is in danger at any time – and more than normal – then it’s quite possible you may end up paying higher amounts because of this.


You can either stop participating in these activities, or do your best to try and keep them to yourself so that nobody finds out about them. There’s no way to charge higher premiums for something if an insurance company doesn’t know they exist, right?


Is High Risk Life Insurance Really Unaffordable?


For some reason, people want to believe that high-risk insurance is really unaffordable. This is definitely not the case. It’s quite possible to get a low-cost policy that you can easily afford.


Here’s what we recommend…


Instead of taking the first policy that comes across your path, why not shop around a bit? Receive multiple quotes from numerous insurance providers to see what others have to offer.


If you’d like to get the best quotes possible, we would love to help you. Fill out the contact form provided on this page. Enter your information, send it in and many of our partners will get back to you as soon as possible with detailed insurance quotes. This is the easiest way to get many quotes for high risk life insurance in one place.



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Questions and Answers
Does having a mrsa staph infection make you high risk for life insurance?My husband is 36. He tore his bicept muscle at the elbow and had surgery. He contracted a deep mrsa staph infection from the hospital during surgery. He is still on antibiotic. I want to get life insurance on him and wondered if this is one of those things you have to disclose before being insured. Does this mean high risk premiums?
Posted by cakcynthia


[display_name id=”1″]It makes you uninsurable. MRSA kills people, ya know!It’s too late to buy life insurance on him. If you don’t disclose it, it voids your policy. If you do disclose it, he gets denied coverage. He’s too ill for “high risk” premiums.You can still buy life insurance on YOU, though, in case YOU die.
Who has had the highest life insurance ever?
Posted by hotshot


[display_name id=”1″]You’re not going to find an answer since it would be private info. However, reinsurers set limits on how much risk they are willing to take on for one life, so the amount of insurance that can be bought is limited. For a single insurer to retain, the largest company out there will retain $35,000,000 of risk. Above that, it’s all up the the reinsurers. But if you picked a very wealthy person who wanted to put some of their money into insurance for estate tax purposes or tax deferral, they may all be right around the same amount of insurance that they could get.


Hope this helps.


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