Life Insurance for Diabetics

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Life Insurance for Seniors Who Have Diabetes – … –


Life Insurance for Seniors Who Have Diabetes – …DigitalJournal.comSeniors who have been diagnosed with a terminal disease such as diabetes can still find affordable life insurance. In recent years, there have been several improvements in the insurance industry so that more clients could qualify for a plan. Diabetics …and more »


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How can I preclude life insurance blacklisting with Diabetes II?I have a case of Type II Diabetes and I have found that qualification for life insurance requires a blood test. Based on blood testing, companies will charge much more if a person has Type II Diabetes. I was wondering if there is some way to fool the company to make them believe that I am normal. Perhaps I could work out just before the test?
Posted by Mark P


adminMy wife has worked for several life insurance companies and worked for one for 23 years. She’s now in surety bonds but keeps in touch with many people in the industry.First off, if you lie on the application, you void the coverage. A life insurance application will ask about Diabetes. You won’t fool anyone but yourself. Second, the blood test won’t show Diabetes if you are in control on your blood glucose. Third, for many companies, you authorize them to obtain your medical records and many of those are held by your health insurance company and they are very willing to share authorized requests for data, most are interrelated in one way or another, owned by same parent company, using the same re-insurance company, etc. So its beneficial for all insurance companies to keep claims down.
There are some insurance companies that realize that in-control Diabetics live a healthier life than most other people and are beginning to price their policies accordingly and at least bringing them down to close to the same costs as a non-diabetic person. Shop around and find one of those companies. Get copies of your last few years A1C scores and show them that you are in control and therefore a good risk. This way, you’ve been up-front and honest and they can’t void your coverage for insurance fraud.


My husband needs life insurance but has diabeties?My husband needs life insurance about 50,000 but want payments cheap payments 40.00 monthly. We been trying to find some life insurance but some dont take with diabeties. My husband doesnt take insulin. Hes ranging about 100 to 180 every month on sugar level.. Any ideas on life insurance we should quilified!!!
Posted by Debbie G


adminOne type of life insurance available is life insurance without a medical exam.Even people on medication may qualify for this coverage. Policies are avilable for up to $150,000 of coverage.
You answer a few questions online and find out within 15 minutes if you qualify for coverage. The life insurance is offered through a financially secure insurer rated “A” Excellent by A.M. Best for financial strength.


You can request a free, no obligation quote at – Http://…


I hope that helps you find affordable, quality life insurance for your diabetic husband. Best of luck to you.


Life insurance & diabetes?I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my second pregnancy. The only abnormal blood sugar readings I ever got were during the glucose tolerance test itself, and I never required insulin.I have now given birth and would like to look into increasing my life insurance. Despite having no problems with my blood sugar (then or now), I am worried that the insurance company either won’t insure me or will make me pay a higher rate because of the previous GD diagnosis. Anyone have experience with this? Am I right to be worried about this?
Posted by Jennifer


adminYou should have no problems increasing your level of coverage as you are NOT a diagnosed diabetic, yet!! GD happens and may return to haunt you in later life. But it is not a problem right now.And since the only abnormal reading was while drinking their ickyade that could gag a cockroach, you really didn’t have GD anyway.
Go get the insurance increased while you can!